Fantasy Football Draft Software

Our software is being retooled for the 2018 season - we regret the inconvience to our loyal fans.

Recent changes in the Windows operating system have created a need for us to rewrite the underlying code for PC Drafter and our interface to Gold Drafter for the web.

We hope you understand, and if you have already purchased PC Drafter for 2017, your purchase is being refunded.


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PC Drafter 

PC Drafter will be sitting out the 2017 season while undergoing a retooling for Windows.

Paused for 2017

Gold Drafter 

Registration disabled for 2017

Paused for 2017

Proudly Partnered with Fantasy Football Analytics

as the best choice in predictive statistics for the NFL

PC Drafter is proud of its running partnership with Fantasy Football Analytics for the draft season. Featuring their statistically proven forecasting and player projections, PC Drafter has never been a stronger drafting tool. Isaac Petersen, one of the staff over at FFA, recently discussed the art of building better projections. We invite you to listen to that podcast below.

Gold Drafter- returning in 2018

Using the same algorithm and projection data as PC Drafter, Gold Drafter offers customers an easier draft experience on any web-enabled device.  Available for ESPN and Yahoo! leagues in 2018, we invite customers to come back next season for a great fantasy football drafting experience.

ESPN League Import

Now ESPN users can import their league and scoring rules just as easily!

Yahoo League Import

A direct import tool for our users with leagues in Yahoo! Fantasy Football.

Web-Based Gold Algorithm

Draft from any web-based device including iPads and Android Tablets.

League Setup

Auction, web, serpentine, and keeper leagues.

How's it work?

With each pick, PCDrafter performs thousands of calculations, optimizing your next player choice.  Each computation is tailored to your league's specific scoring rules.  Our GOLD Algorithm looks ahead at the league-wide need for certain positions to determine the best time to draft each position.  Combined with the industry's best forecast data, PCDrafter and Gold Drafter deliver a tremendous edge on draft day!

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