Many Fantasy Football leagues award some type of bonus points for exceptional plays: extra-long pass touchdowns, Jaw-dropping Rush TDs, or field goals beyond 50 yards. These points make a difference in your weekly matchups, so how do you account for them in your draft?

Let's look at the forecasting process that drives your team recommendations: Take the case of long pass touchdowns. If you're in the forecasting business (and as a fantasy manager, you are!), then you want the QBs who make the long passes for TDs. Who do you put your money on? The safe bet is the stud QBs who make lots of passes in a season, and in particular, those who are forecast for long passes (40+ yards in PC Drafter statistics). Will some unknowns score one or two of these over the course of this season? Maybe, but would you bet on the unknown? I hope not!

So you want the QBs who are stud passers, and your league rules help shape this: you may have extra points awarded for long passes. Those QBs who pull that off receive higher points and more "GOLD" in PC Drafter rankings. We could dogpile on top of that to add even more points for Bonus behavior, but that would almost never change the value of one player versus another, because those bonus points would go to the players who are already ranked higher. So what would the point be? There's an old saying in forecasting: "Do you want to be approximately right, or precisely wrong?"

I'll show you two ways to account for league bonuses, then wrap up with an example to show whether there was much of an impact on QB rankings.


First some background you need to know: PC Drafter player forecasts have a data column for Bonus plays, but contain no data (all zeros, because we don't know what your bonus conditions are). Also, PC Drafter league rules have a place for bonus multipliers, but by default, these are also zero. Why? Because we don't know what your bonus condition is, but we've made room for you to make a projection and have it influence your expected season points.

So adding points to bonus rules requires two things: enter a scoring multiplier for a bonus event, and then edit the player projection grid to attribute bonus events to those players you think will earn that bonus this year. [Who would that be? As above, odds are, it's the ones who are already scoring the long pass/rush/kick/whatever]. In PC Drafter, bonus points and forecasts would be placed in:

  • Pass Bonus
  • Rush Bonus
  • Receiving Bonus
  • Shutouts - available for use as a defensive team bonus projection

First off, ensure you're already valuing your "long" behaviors, whether it's passing, rushing, receiving or whatever bonus you're looking at. Second, if you really want to make the long-winners stand out, tweak their long scoring rule. If your league rules call for 2 extra points for a long passing TD, and also awards 3 bonus points for passes over 50 yards, maybe increase the PC Drafter scoring multiplier for long pass TDs from 2 to 8. Sure, not every long pass results in a TD, but odds are, the QB who makes long passes will also make long pass TDs. If 50% of his long passes make a touchdown, then every touchdown could get twice as many bonus points: 3 X 2 = 6, and 6+ 2 = 8 points per long pass TD.