If you're in a Keeper league, PC Drafter will help you push your advantage even further.

PC Drafter is flexible and is great at handling keepers. Some leagues require teams to use their first X picks for how many players they keep. Other leagues will use the original draft round to keep the players. The way PC Drafter was designed gives you flexibility to assign the players correctly and with the appropriate picks.

If each team in your league keeps a different number of players, once again, that's not a problem for PC Drafter. In fact, with more odd permutations and twists in your league, PC Drafter and its advanced GOLD algorithm actually helps you extend your edge well beyond those managers using older generation draft software and other methods.



  1. Select the Edit->Options menu.
  2. On the Draft tab, un-check the first option for "Do not Prompt me with the Draft Pick Dialog..."
  3. Simply drag-and-drop a player to draft them, and now you will be prompted to select the Pick and Round where the player should be allocated/drafted. In turn, when it's time, PC Drafter will automatically assign the player to the appropriate team and in the appropriate pick.

Also, if you just need to exclude certain players from the draft, you can delete them beforehand in our player editor.

A Note About Saving your League Files: By default, any changes made in your league after the last save point are saved automatically before PC Drafter allows you to open another league. This prevents you from losing the information entered in your last league. For keepers, however, this makes mock drafting more difficult. To change this default save behavior, open PC Drafter and click "Edit" from the top menu, then choose "options" and un-check "Automatically save..."

This way when you create a league file with your keepers and save it, you can run mock drafts and close the league or "save as" to a different copy, then reopen the previous version of the league with only the keepers loaded. If you don't disable the automatic save, when you close the league the current league will automatically be saved and your previous save point (keeper assignments) will be lost.

A Note About Trading Future Picks: If you have a trade that involves picks from next year and results in an uneven number of players on each team's roster, add extra rounds/rosters position to the draft above what your fantasy league specifies and then trade picks for next year into the final round, but stop the draft at the end of the next to last round.

Example: a 16-round league gets entered into PC Drafter as a 17-round league, but during the live draft, you make sure you've got your kickers and defense chosen before the end of round 16. Round 17 holds your draft round picks for next year